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Church Resources

Gateway Resource Library

Whether you are praying about planting a church or you are well underway, Gateway Resource Library is an online platform designed to equip pastors and church leaders to fulfill the great commission.

With over 1,600 resources, this robust site is designed to help your team, staff, and volunteers learn, and implement key principles Gateway Church has used over its two decades of growth.

Special Resources for the ARC Family

Worship Resources

The corporate worship gathering is such a vital part of how we minister to our congregations, and it is our desire to support you in creating engaging and innovative worship encounters.

Discover creative and practical worship resources to implement in your church. Our resources include vocal, platform, and instrument trainings with how-to’s and easy tips you can implement, as well as teachings on going deep in worship and full worship sets to play for your online needs.

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Legacy Libraries

We are proud to offer the Legacy Libraries of Pastor Robert Morris and Pastor Jack Hayford – free access included in your Resource Library membership with easy navigation between both sites. Each pastor has preached hundreds of messages that challenge and equip believers, church leaders, and pastors worldwide.

Through the Legacy Library, each message comes with the ability to search any word spoken in the sermon, pastor’s personal teaching notes, a built-in Bible app for reference, and group leader discussion guides. Whether prepping for a sermon or going deeper in your relationship with God, the Legacy Library helps meet your needs.

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Discipleship Resources

We offer the entire Gateway discipleship journey, which begins with the course Growth Path and proceeds to take the congregant into the next steps in building Healthy Foundations, understanding True Freedom, and being a Blessed Steward!

View these 4 series, each with 4 sessions of curriculum that include scripts for teachers, student handouts, teaching videos, communication samples, and more! Whether these serve as a springboard for your own discipleship path or allow you to use them as they are, we hope these resources support you in furthering your discipleship programs.

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Let's Get in Touch

Chanae Moore

Associate Director, Partner Relations

My name is Chanae Moore, I hail from one of the prettiest little towns on the Central Coast of California and swore I would never leave, but God had another plan for my life. In 2016, I moved to Texas, married the most spectacular man, and began attending Gateway Church in Southlake. Relatively new to the area, the Lord placed key individuals in my life (as only He can do) and I soon found myself working for Gateway Resource Library. To this day, I feel humbled and blessed to be involved in such a life giving, generous ministry that provides resources to pastors and churches all over the world.

As I travel to conferences and meet with pastors and church staff, I am continuously amazed at the strength and courage they have to lead and feed God’s people. I deeply respect all who are in ministry and want to thank you for the sacrifices you and your families make, for not giving up when things get hard, and for sharing the love of Jesus to those around you.

Please reach out with questions or specific resource requests; my team and I are here to serve and help equip you and your church to fulfill the vision God placed in your heart!