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MortarStone is the tool that unleashes generosity in your church. With over 40 comprehensive analytic reports and tracking measures, you can quickly identify givers and make discipleship connections that increase giving and grow engagement. MortarStone has been trusted by 1500 churches to raise over $15 billion in giving.

Special Resources for the ARC Family

MortarStone Analytics for Free to ARC Churches

Increase giving, develop generosity, and further discipleship pathways with MortarStone analytics. Offered free to ARC churches, this resource will help you better understand your giving and create strategies to fully-fund ministries.
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8 Steps to Increase Funding

Learn the eight simple steps you can take to increase funding today and for the future. This ebook gives you practical information and easily adaptable solutions to transform giving.
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How to Attract and Engage New Givers

Learn the best practices for attracting new visitors to your online services and creative ways to engage your givers.
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Let's Get in Touch

Nikki Flaming

Generosity Advisor

Nikki is passionate about helping ministries reach and disciple their communities for Christ. With a Bachelors Degree in International Business, Marketing, and Design from the University of Oklahoma, Nikki has spent the last 18+ years working for faith-based, non-profits. In her free time, Nikki loves spending time traveling, exploring, and all-things outdoors with her husband and two incredible kids.