Movie theatres, unlike many traditional church buildings or other rented venues, are a familiar environment that are relevant and welcoming. The non-traditional, comfortable and casual environment of a theatre church is ideal for inviting the people you’re attempting to reach. Be honest: Would you rather revisit your middle school cafeteria or the place you saw your favorite movie? In addition, it’s a space designed for easily gathering and sharing a message: prominently located, great visuals and acoustics, with plenty of parking, restrooms, and seating. AMC is the largest movie exhibition company in the U.S., in Europe and throughout the world with more than 1,000 theatres.

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Jeff Wright

National Event Consultant

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Jeff can’t believe what it is he gets to do for a living: working with churches to plant, grow, thrive, and impact communities across the country. Now responsible for leading the strategy and development of church rentals at AMC, he stumbled into this line of work over ten years ago while seeking the second half of a bi-vocational role at a church plant in downtown Denver. While on staff as the Sexton (Operation Manager), managing the volunteers and logistics required to create an appropriate space and atmosphere for worship in a rented venue, he dusted off an account management & sales focused résumé, but was surprised when the interview went to lots of questions about church. Since then he has played a leading role in the creation and development of the processes, marketing, and account management of theatre church. A graduate of Westmont College, he lives in Colorado, enjoying traveling, the mountains, and time with his family. Connect with him on Twitter or Instagram: @theatersexton