provides complete equipment and training solutions for mobile church plants. Whether your equipment budget is $2,000 or $200,000 - every single system is custom designed around the unique building, budget, band, priorities, and vision of each church plant we serve.

We provide audio, video, lighting, custom portable cases, hospitality equipment, children’s ministry equipment, pipe and drape, portable stages, trussing and more. Our on-site assembly and training makes sure everything is optimized so that your team of volunteers is confident and ready for launch! Our unique low overhead business model can save you tens of thousands of dollars compared to other options while still achieving the stunning results you are looking for!

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Derrick Jeror


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(607) 542-9156

Derrick founded (formerly named Housetop Media) in 2010 as a result of moving from AZ to NY to help plant a church with his family in Corning, NY. At the time, the only options were spend a ton of money on professional help or figure everything out on your own. Since starting Derrick and his team have helped launch hundreds of churches around the country, saving them money, training their volunteers, and setting them up for success by avoiding common mistakes. He loves and understands the unique challenges and needs of church planters—because he is a church planter! Derrick, his wife, and four children live near Dallas/Fortworth, TX and are currently part of the launch team of their third church plant as a family.