Through Church of the Highlands, Grow specializes in training and resourcing pastors and churches to reach their full growth potential.

4700 Highlands Way, Birmingham, AL 35210

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Katy Hodges

Grow Senior Director

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I graduated from LSU in the spring of 2006 and that May, I made the permanent move to Birmingham. After the summer months, I joined the Highlands team in August of 2006. In June 2012, I moved from Small Groups to Grow. I love Grow and what it represents. Every day I get the opportunity to tell pastors and leaders that we believe in them and that God does have an incredible plan for their church. Through Grow, we have had the opportunity to partner with more than 2,000 churches all around the world. We believe that you shouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel, and through Grow we provide resources and training to help churches reach their growth potential.