There’s an ocean of generosity waiting to be experienced. Use Smart Giving to unleash it with a single click, tap or text. Smart Giving enables everyone to give with a single tap by way of text, in-app, and online giving. This simple platform is generosity totally reimagined. Talk to a real person by going to and clicking the bubble in the bottom right!

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Mark Schrader

Business Development Lead

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[email protected]
(585) 794-0106

Hi :) My name is Mark. I work for an incredible company named Kindrid! At Kindrid, we aim to provide your church with simple technologies to help you see 100% of your church giving on a Sunday. With this goal in site, it is my responsibility to parter with churches and organizations much like yours, and unite together in making the church known for generosity. In my free time, I enjoy watching quality films, playing music, and watching the NY Mets. Also...I am a husband to an absolute gem! If you are ever in NYC, come visit us at!