Mail Works believes the hope of the world is the success of the local church. Mail Works is kingdom minded and has the most competitive print and mail program in the country. Mail Works is not just a printer/mailer, we are a church plant printer/mailer who understands what has to be on the mailers in order to see the highest rate of return. Mail Works offers an all-inclusive large 6x11 mailer including postage for about .17 cents each.

2 N Westwood Ave, Toledo, OH 43607

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Amy Ambrose

Church Mailing Specialist

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I have guided nonprofits in their marketing and fundraising efforts for over twenty-five years. Prior to joining Mail Works, I worked at a regional, Christ-centered homeless shelter and vocational school. Over 60% of our donations were obtained through direct mail efforts, which I oversaw. I look forward to serving you in your marketing efforts, whether it’s your launch or ongoing awareness campaigns, we are hear to help and or guide you.