We’ve been doing life and ministry with ARC for almost 7 years now... they are far more than ministry partners; they are good friends.  Like ARC, we believe that Jesus Christ expressed through the local, life-giving church is the hope of the world!  That’s why our hundreds of child development centers, which serve 40,000 children living in extreme poverty in 15 different countries, are all connected to a local life-giving church. We love making the church the hero!  Our powerful 1-to-1 child sponsorship program is at the core of our unique and fully customized partnerships with ARC churches, giving them deep global impact without needing a dedicated global missions budget. Simply put...ARC and One Child Matters are pioneering innovative outreach strategies and changing the world together!

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Rick Mitchell

Vice President

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Rick Mitchell, Vice President of Marketing Support and Strategy for One Child Matters, has dedicated his life to serving children living in poverty. For over 28 years he has been telling others about the value of child sponsorship. He has traveled to 20 countries, many of them multiple times, and visited over 200 child sponsorship programs. In the process he has seen firsthand the impact of sponsorship in the lives of thousands of children.

Rick enjoys taking people out into the field to see how sponsorship changes the lives of children, families and communities. As a result, One Child Matters partners with churches across the country to mobilize their communities to come alongside children and projects.

Rick and his wife Terri live in Colorado Springs and have two adult children.