Vapor Ministries aims to establish sustainable centers for alleviating poverty and multiplying disciples in third-world environments. We show the love of Christ by serving the poor without forming dependency. We aim to break cycles of poverty, bringing hope and lasting transformation. Through a variety of relevant means, we introduce people to the hope of Christ, teach the truths of God’s Word, and equip participants to multiply disciples in their own community.

At Vapor Ministries, we understand that life is incredibly short, a mist that appears for only a moment on the great scale of eternity. We believe the way it can have an enduring effect is if we purposefully spend it bringing glory to God. At Vapor, our very name reminds us to be urgent in our pursuit of the good of man and the glory of Christ. We truly have a short time to advance the Gospel and serve the poor.

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Micah McElveen

Founder & CEO

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In 1995, Micah McElveen learned that life is like a Vapor when he broke his neck in a nearly fatal surfing accident. Committed to not wasting his Vapor, Micah enrolled in a Christian college where he played soccer. Along with his now wife, Audrey, who played college basketball, he discovered the power of leveraging culturally relevant mediums for eternal purposes. While in graduate school, he traveled to Africa and was broken by the extreme poverty he encountered. Awakened by the experience and moved to respond, he dropped out of school and moved into his car to maximize resources while starting to pursue the God-given vision to effectively alleviate poverty and multiply disciples. God moved, and in an 8-month window, a non-profit was established, a board was formalized and seed capital was raised. Micah moved from his car to a slum in Africa where God birthed Vapor’s first ministry center. Micah now serves as CEO of Vapor Ministries, an entity that aims to establish sustainable centers for alleviating poverty and multiplying disciples in third-world environments. Vapor Ministries currently has 5 operating centers established in East and West Africa and in the country of Haiti, with around 300 full-time and volunteer staff globally. Tens of thousands of people are being served on a weekly basis through their poverty alleviating efforts and thousands are reached by their disciple-making initiatives. As a part of his role at Vapor Ministries, Micah speaks to churches, businesses, and at various events all over the U.S., exhorting people to spend, not waste, their short lives on that which will matter for eternity. He, his wife Audrey, and son Arrow Amani live near Vapor Ministries headquarters in Sylacauga, Alabama.