World Compassion is a global missions organization founded by Terry Law in 1969 and now led by his son, Jason Law, president of the organization. The ministry does work in nations typically hostile to the Gospel as well as doing work to unify the local and global church. The current countries of focus are Burma, China, Iraq and Iran where World Compassion does training and discipleship, humanitarian outreach, church planting and evangelism, as well as distribution of Bibles and Christian literature. World Compassion is based in Tulsa, Oklahoma with offices in Canada and the United Kingdom.

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Jason Law is president of World Compassion Terry Law Ministries, founded in 1969 by his father, Dr. Terry Law. Jason’s passion to equip local churches to unite and reach their cities together through service both domestically and in nations that are hostile to the Gospel drives the mission and initiatives of World Compassion in countries like Burma, China, Iraq and the U.S. Under his leadership, World Compassion has supplied over one million meals to refugees in the Middle East, provided medical care for thousands of refugees in camps across Kurdistan and Northern Iraq, and given out thousands of items of clothing, heaters, and other necessities. His passion for unity in the Body of Christ has also been a consistent message impacting the mission strategy of churches. Jason and his wife Beth are planted at Guts Church in Tulsa, OK along with their two children Addison and Logan.