As we went through the branding and launch process at our own churches, we came to a realization. What if we could start something that had the potential to serve hundreds, perhaps thousands of churches? As a result, we concepted and founded Yellowbox, a creative agency that provides creative direction and design for churches and ministries. We believe that with the right creative coaching and tools, churches can be more effective in sharing the Gospel. Beyond just serving churches creatively, we are passionate about sharing ideas, processes, planning and best practices with others. At the end of the day, we are all in this thing together. Whether you’re launching a church plant (or rebranding), inspiring your staff to creative confidence—or dreaming up the perfect intro video for your Sunday sermon series, we’d love to partner with you. Yellowbox has a diverse team of creatives with experience in helping churches to launch and grow. It’s what we know. We work in sync with your team to create brand campaigns and creative assets that inspire attendance, encourage conversation and introduce ways for real people to plug into a community.

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Kevin Daughtry


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(713) 352-7248

Kevin’s been doing this ministry thing for over 25 years. And he’s passionate—not only about the church, but about strong and purposeful design. After all, God has graced us with an intrinsic ability to create. To design beauty from nothing. To write, to draw, to build, to dream, to sing and to dance for someone bigger than ourselves.

Kevin co-founded Yellowbox Creative, setting out to empower churches and ministries with the tools, coaching and resources they need to reach real people, launch strong, and grow deep.