Sometimes it’s Okay to Fake it
March 14, 2018 Kristin Mitchell

Sometimes it’s Okay to Fake it

Sheila Gerald
Sheila Gerald
March 14 2018

Sheila Gerald | Co-Lead Pastor | Champions Centre | Tacoma, WA

Mornings for my husband look a little different from mine. When his alarm goes off, I’m pretty sure he’s sleepwalking as he aims toward the caffeine, and I’m not even sure he’s fully awake until the water from the shower splashes on his head.

On one Sunday morning, I knew my husband was fully awakened from sleep when he looked over at me and asked, “Hey Sheila, how is your morning going?”

Something was different though, because he has never posed a question like this to me during the morning time. I could tell he wasn’t getting a breakthrough, and the vibes in the air weren’t a joyous uplifting feeling.

For myself, I am a morning person. I love being alive when it’s morning time! But this Sunday, I wasn’t feeling like it was a day I wanted to rejoice in and let alone be glad in. I had already been fighting off feelings of heaviness. It seemed like a grey cloud was trying to follow me, and I was persistently pressing through it with my praise music and live streaming Revivalist. I probably had both going on just to do everything I could to get my mind on the right train of thought.

Kevin and I have been married just a year shy of four decades, so I can sense when something is not good in the air. There was nothing life-giving about the atmosphere that morning, and it had nothing to do with our marriage.

It was just a question:

“Hey Sheila, how’s your morning going?” in a tone that made me feel like he really didn’t want to know how I was doing as he was feeling his way into the day.

I literally had a split second of hearing how he posed that question to decide how I was going to respond and what tone I was going to use. Maybe it was because I had been working on my spirit to be up for him that morning. It could be that the praise music did help, or maybe that online Pastor I was live streaming did lift my thoughts and help to prepare me for this moment.

Looking back, I know what happened. I made a choice and spoke out some words that really were not true about how I was feeling, but it was what I hoped to be true!

And so I guess you can say I faked it! I like to say that I faithed it!

He said, “Hey Sheila, how’s your morning going?”

I responded to him with: “You know it’s really gloomy outside, but there is a sun that is shining so bright down inside me. I feel like it’s going to be an incredible day!”

I wish I could have recorded the thickness of the atmosphere prior to the question and the moments after my answer. Without me saying anymore, I could immediately sense that something broke in the air. I even began to see his facial expressions change, his posture, even his movements in those next 30 minutes.

We ended up having an unbelievable day that Sunday. In his message that day, he even mentioned something about how words spoken at the right time can change circumstances and situations.

I wonder what would have happened if I didn’t turn on my faith that day and express what I was believing for, rather than what I was feeling?

I wondered what if I wouldn’t have faked it that day?

I wonder what if I had not spoken faith words that morning?

I thought about what if I would have went along with him, his feelings, sharing how I really felt, and said something like this:

“You know, I am feeling crappy, and I am not feelin’ it today! And you?”

Sometimes the best support is knowing the timing of the moment. I know that I am still learning, but I am determined to get it right the next time. What about you?