Spring Has Sprung & Itʼs A New Day
March 26, 2012 Vicki Ohlerking

Spring Has Sprung & Itʼs A New Day

March 26 2012

Spring has sprung and flowers are blooming! I love this time of year, the dullness of
winter has faded, the sun is shining a little more, and there is a fresh wind to a new

Our lives are very much like the seasons we have.  Sometimes we are in a dull, dry
season where nothing is growing, blooming and the sun seems not to shine very much.
Everything we try new is just another disappointment. We look out the windows of our
life only to see grey and dull colors. When we have had many days of this season and
are at our end point of our colorless painting, we think this is just how my life is going
to be.  We even submit to the very idea of a colorless life.

We wake up just to realize this is just another day.  We encourage ourselves through our
faith and the Word of God, but inside we are crying out for a new day. We take our
morning walk towards the window of our life once more, but this time when we look out
it looks different.

The colors have changed! We see greens, yellow, reds, purples and blues! We think
what is all this color, what happened to the dullness of life? Doors are being opened, your
ability to grow your garden is back, life has meaning again and you can not wait to
rejoice along with the birds that you hear singing outside your window! You realize your
season has changed…

Psalm 1:3 says that a person is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its
fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither- whatever they do prospers.

We may think in a dull season of life nothing is happening, our perspective on what is
taking place can be wrong, but right around the corner is a tree getting ready to bloom and
bear fruit! We wake up and see itʼs a new day and spring has sprung.

So if you’re in that dull season, just keep looking out the window…spring is out there!