How to Stay Emotionally Healthy in a Fast-Paced Life
July 8, 2019 Leisel Young

How to Stay Emotionally Healthy in a Fast-Paced Life

Jamie Schulz
Jamie Schulz
July 8 2019

Jamie Schulz | Sun City Church | Spokane Valley, WA

After planting Sun City Church in 2015, I waited for things to slow down for us. Relocating to a new city and getting the church off the ground had taken its toll on me, and being cooped up in a two bedroom apartment with our three kids through a snowy winter hadn’t helped. 

On so many levels, I was done.

When the church began to grow and doors to ministry in our city continued opening, I was conflicted on what to feel. This was everything we wanted. After all the sacrifices to become church planters, I should’ve been through-the-roof excited over what God was allowing us to be part of. So, why was there a part of my heart that kept looking over my shoulder at simpler days?

Eventually, it settled in that my life wasn’t slowing down. In fact, it seemed to be speeding up. We went through a church merger that enabled us to secure a building in the heart of our city, the church doubled in size, and we began adding staff. The demands on my time grew suffocating and I realized I needed to figure out how to be healthy in this new reality.

There was no quick fix or key that unlocked the door of it all for me. Instead, I embarked on a journey of learning, exploring, and adjusting my life until things started to get healthier and I became strong enough to carry the weight of leading a growing church alongside my husband.

Here are some things I’ve learned:

  1. Laughter is good medicine. When stress is high, find ways to laugh more. Invite over your funny friends, watch a comedy, follow John Crist on instagram, etc.
  1. Discover what replenishes you and be intentional about making time for those things. Danny and I will ask each other, “What three activities make you feel alive right now?” We plan our times together based on the answers and come back to the conversation from time to time because it changes in different seasons.
  1. Know what drains you and work to minimize those things. As church planters, we’re often filling holes as the team is growing. We can’t get away from that, but we can be strategic about how much time we’re giving to those things and the level of priority for raising someone to take over.
  1. Don’t let anything steal your personal relationship with Jesus. We know He’s the source of all strength, joy, and grace, but it’s ridiculously easy to forget that. Fight to keep it real.
  1. Invest in your marriage. Go on dates. Have great sex. Get better at loving each other. Aside from Jesus, you are each other’s greatest strength.
  1. Take time to celebrate what’s going right. There will constantly be an area you’re frustrated about, things you want to change, and someone else doing it better. Keep growing, but focus on what’s beautiful and enjoy the journey.