Storytelling Fundamentals with Bobette Buster
June 21, 2016 Aly

Storytelling Fundamentals with Bobette Buster

June 21 2016

Future of Storytelling“Bobette Buster, Hollywood screenwriter and author of Do Story: How to Tell Your Story So The World Listens, has been hailed as “Hollywood’s Best Kept Secret.” Today, she’s an in-demand story guru for studios like Pixar and Disney, but her storytelling education started long before she hit Tinseltown. Bobette grew up in small-town Kentucky – a region credited with producing legendary orators such as Abraham Lincoln and Muhammad Ali as well as the celebrated novelist Wendell Berry. According to her, everyone from the shopkeeper to the pastor, could keep you spellbound, teaching Bobette at a young age: Everyone has a story to tell. The challenge is learning how to tell it well.”

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