Be Seated – Part 5
July 23, 2014 Vicki Ohlerking

Be Seated – Part 5

July 23 2014

The third principle from Sabbath is learning to say, “It’s good.” Through all the days of creation, at the end of each day “God saw that it was good.” God certainly could have created more species of fish. But He saw that it was good. He wasn’t worn out. He could have done more. He wasn’t depleted of ideas. But He saw that it was good and He stopped.

But we have such a hard time at the end of the day. We see the end of a day coming and we say, “Oh, no. I’ve got to keep going. I’ve got to get this done. I have to do more.” We need to learn to say, “It’s good.”

Have you ever seen a Jewish wedding and they do this thing where they break a glass and say, “Mazeltav!” It has become a term similar to saying “Good luck!” but really, the original meaning is more just saying “It’s good.” Note that it isn’t saying, “Everything is perfect” or “It’s great.” No, it is good. It’s good enough, so let’s relax and enjoy. When God said it was good, it wasn’t that God could do nothing more. It was that He saw it was good and he chose to enjoy it.

As a pastor, whenever I thought about church and ministry, I used to always think, “It’s not good enough.” So many pastors and leaders are like I was. Thinking “it’s not good enough” about everything. My marriage is not good enough. My church is not good enough. The money is not good enough. The attendance is not good enough. My life is not good enough. Instead, we should look to our Creator at the end of the day and, regardless of our situation, be able to say, “You know what, it’s good enough.” Your marriage is good enough for today. Your work is good enough. The church is good enough. Sure, you can wake up in the morning and say, “It’s not good enough.” But at the end of the day, you have to be able to come to the point where you say it’s good enough. It’s good. It’s mazeltav!

Could we just get back to the goal of unbroken fellowship with Christ, resting in His completed work? Could we get out of this rat race and begin to not only preach and build well but live well?  Mazeltav, man!  It’s good enough. Look what God will do with your life, too. The Bible says that God blessed the Sabbath. It’s the same word “blessed” that God used when He blessed Abraham, saying He would multiply him and make his name great. Sabbath is a multiplying blessing. God can do so much more through you when you’re seated with Him than you’ll ever do on your own wearing yourself out.

I want you to know that we need you in this race and we need you for the long haul.  We need you as together we advance the Kingdom of God.  We need you! In all your going, reaching, running, building, be seated.  Be seated.

Be seated.
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