Sustainable and Scalable Organizational Leadership Structures

Sustainable and Scalable Organizational Leadership Structures
May 15, 2019 ARC Churches

Phil Klein is the Founder of focus412, and Philip Engle is a coach with focus412. They led this App Session at the ARC Conference in Birmingham, AL in April 2019. focus412 is the culmination of 30 years of corporate and church leadership. The vision of focus412 is to leverage a unique blend of corporate and ministry leadership experience to accelerate growth in churches willing to do what it takes to reach people far from God.

In this App Session, they discussed setting a leadership structure that enables sustainable growth.

Here are two questions to ask yourself as you begin listening to this App Session.

  1. Is your current structure producing the results you’re looking for?
  2. Is your current structure scalable for future growth or is it a product of filling your immediate needs with who’s immediately available?


Slides for this session are available to download here: Download Slides