Taking Refuge
September 11, 2015 Aly

Taking Refuge

September 11 2015

John Eldredge

As we begin the journey of planting a church, we walk into a battlefield.  Because of the work we are doing to fulfill the call of the Great Commission, we present a greater threat to the enemy.  The world today is continually becoming immersed with darkness.  As pastors and leaders, we are tasked to defend the people against that darkness, boldly standing in the position of spiritual warriors.  Though we’re called to this position, we must acknowledge that even the strongest warriors need refuge.  In his article, “Taking Refuge,” John Eldredge shares the importance of resting in the presence and protection of the Lord during times of spiritual warfare.  He uses David as a great example of someone who is known as a warrior but also realized the power of stepping away for periods of time to rest and renew his soul. There is much we can learn from this story and the wisdom John shares.

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