The Art of Resting
April 9, 2012 Vicki Ohlerking

The Art of Resting

April 9 2012

Let’s talk about the art of resting…

Why?  Because it’s the Monday after Easter Sunday!

This post will be purposefully short…we, too, are resting today.  Yes, there is follow-up to be done, calls to be made, e-mails to be sent, thank-yous to be said, bills to be paid, and teams to be formed because of all that was done for the Kingdom yesterday in all of our Easter services, but it’s important we all take a day to just rest and celebrate.

Jesus did, so we must.  God did, so we can.  We’re no good to anyone tired.  Refresh and replenish yourself today.  And just in case you’re one of those women who doesn’t know how to rest, here’s a few pointers based off the actual Webster’s definition of the word:


: to get rest by lying down — Go lie down and take a nap.





: to cease from action or motion : refrain from labor or exertion —





Stop moving.  Get comfy on the couch, put a movie in, let your mind just sit in peace





: to be free from anxiety or disturbance —




Turn off the worry.  Deal with all the problems, things that need to be fixed, issues with your team tomorrow.  It will all still be there later.  And if need be, turn off your phone.

:to sit or lie fixed or supported–

Open your Bible, not to prepare for any message, sermon, blog or counseling session, just read it to make yourself strong.  Spend some time praying and reconnecting with God who can fix what needs fixing in you and support what needs supporting in you.  Also, make sure and spend time today with those who love you the most, your family, kids, spouse.   And time spent is always better when you’re in pjs!


: to remain confident : trustGo back to the belief that the work of your hands all depends on God to grow everything.  We only plant and water the seeds, but He causes the growth.   So let God do His thing, you just rest and remain confident in Him.

You’re so valuable to the Kingdom.  Thanks for everything you did this Easter season to win souls.  You deserve to rest!
We love you ~
The ARC Women’s Team