The Crisis of Biblical Illiteracy
November 30, 2015 Aly

The Crisis of Biblical Illiteracy

November 30 2015

Kenneth Berding

We know that we could all spend a bit more time in the Word, but do we really acknowledge the consequences of missing our daily bread?  In his article, “The Crisis of Biblical Illiteracy,” Kenneth Berding addresses what could be perceived as one of the largest issues in the church today.  Biblical illiteracy is at a record high, and the consequences of this neglect are devastating. Berding illustrates the significance of this issue by comparing our spiritual starvation to physical starvation.  Either we’ll die or live a substandard quality of life when we limit our engagement with the Word of God, he implies. The issue of biblical illiteracy is found both inside and outside of the church.  As leaders, we have the responsibility to lead the lost to a personal encounter with God, and one of the best ways to accomplish that is to lead them to the living Word of God. 

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