The Dangers of Comparison

The Dangers of Comparison
January 16, 2020 ARC Churches

Dale O’Shields is the founding and Senior Pastor of Church of the Redeemer, a multi-cultural church that operates five campuses in Maryland, just north of the greater Washington, DC area.

Pastor Dale’s heart to equip and encourage pastors and church leaders has led him to be a key founder of United Pastors Network and a member of the ARC Lead Team. At our recent ARC Conference in Anaheim, California, he spoke about the theological, spiritual, and practical aspects of comparison and how they affect the dynamics of our lives.

Notes from this session:

  • Anything that affects you psychologically also affects you spiritually. Anything that affects you spiritually always affects you psychologically.
  • Any time envy shows up in your life, it creates disorder. (James 3:14-17)
  • The devil loves to work in chaos. If he can get chaos in you, he can get chaos through you, and create chaos around you.


13 Ways to Combat Comparison:
  1. Know who you are in Jesus Christ. This is where everything begins.
  2. Embrace you. If you don’t embrace you, you’ll spend your whole life trying to live up to someone else.
  3. Understand the difference between significance and prominence.
  4. Decide what your relationship with social media is going to be.
  5. Understand that social media is, 98% of the time, the highlights of someone’s life.
  6. Realize that every success story has a backstory.
  7. Remember that the person (or persons) that you’re measuring yourself against may be measuring themselves against you.
  8. Remember the grass always looks greener on the other side of the fence.
  9. Practice gratitude.
  10. Practice discipline.
  11. Make sure that you’re growing yourself. The best way to have an exciting life is to create one.
  12. Be Kingdom minded.
  13. Shut yourself off to gossip.


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