The Local Church – Hope of the World
April 25, 2014 Vicki Ohlerking

The Local Church – Hope of the World

April 25 2014

As the Church continues to plant genuine life-giving churches across the United States, I believe God will continue to use the Church to rescue and save this nation – even lead it.

by Jason Law, World Compassion


As a sponsor of ARC I’m increasingly realizing the value of our relationship. It’s much more than just an opportunity to present the ministry of World Compassion to pastors across the United States.  It’s fulfilling more than just “business or networking opportunities” for World Compassion. It’s an investment to reaching this nation (the United States of America) for Jesus.
I carry a passion, almost a burden, to see the people of the United States reached with the genuine life-giving message of Jesus. I love my country.  I’ve been blessed to have traveled to many parts of the world.  Every time I travel abroad I’m reminded of how much I love the United States of America. 
If we put a lot of stock in our perceived socio, political, religious and economic state of the nation, one could think our nation is going to hell in a handbasket.  What I see is a generation of people who have a genuine love for God and people who are fighting for this nation.  I see a new thing coming.
As the Church continues to plant genuine life-giving churches across the United States, I believe God will continue to use the Church to rescue and save this nation – even lead it.  I don’t believe it’s over for the U.S.  As the Church in this nation comes together to honor God and each other (which requires humility) God will release His power, favor and ability (His Grace) to work in us, through us and among us, and heal our land.
This nation has been and can continue to be a launching pad to reach the rest of the world for Jesus.  God’s doing some amazing things in other nations around the world and He will use them to reach the world as well – that’s been our business for 44 years, BUT God is also doing something amazing in the United States of America. Just look at the number of churches planted through ARC alone (400+ churches as of the time this was written). That’s a big deal! 
The churches planted and the relationships forming through organizations like ARC are foundational to redirecting the course of the U.S. – it’s a must!  The local church is the hope of this nation and the world. It’s the best vehicle to reach people with the genuine message of Jesus and provide them a life-giving environment to raise their families, discover their purpose and live a life that honors God.
That’s what our partnership with ARC is doing.  It’s not just about paying a fee to receive a benefit.  It’s about the relationships that are made that strengthen one another, strengthen us corporately for us to fulfill the common mission we share. It’s about sowing seed into planting churches that will reach the people of this nation and beyond.
The local church and the Word of God is God’s strategy for sustainable transformation in the lives of people everywhere.  It’s how it’s done.
The local church provides a place for people to receive Christ, build relationships and become a part of a life- giving family.  It’s out of this that we can shape true community in our society.  It’s through these relationships that the supply for our lives both spiritually and naturally is found.   Church communities bring fulfillment – that’s what mankind is looking for.  It’s through these relationships that we each are strengthened as individuals and as a corporate body.  It is how the Body of Christ grows numerically.
We are the Body of Christ.  There is only one mission and we all share it both locally and abroad. How we go about doing it may be a little different but at the end of the day it’s reaching people for Jesus and connecting them to a local church family.
As we are growing in relationship with each other, I invite you to learn more about World Compassion’s rich history of compassion evangelism in nations hostile to the Gospel.  We love ARC because we believe in helping build the local church, which is why we partner with local pastors around the world to execute compassion evangelism to reach the lost. Together we can change the world.