The Power of a Minute
January 6, 2014 Vicki Ohlerking

The Power of a Minute

January 6 2014

Amy Bezet | Lead Pastor | Bayside Community Church | Bradenton, FL

As I think back, one of the greatest impacts on my life was a post I once read titled, “The Power of a Minute.”  It challenged me as it talked about the fact that there is enough power in one simple minute to change someone’s life forever!!!


As I reflect on my life I remember a time when I complimented someone on a watch they were wearing and the next thing I knew, the woman took her watch off and gave it to me.  This gesture shocked me and honestly caused me to feel a little uncomfortable, however, greater than that, it made me feel valued and noticed.


You may be inconvenienced for a minute, but God could use you, if you pause long enough in the busyness of your life, to help someone else and possibly make an impact on their life forever.   If you want to know how to make an impact, don’t forget that you have the “power of a minute” to acknowledge, to encourage, to pray or to show love to someone that God puts into your path!