The Privilege of Ministry
November 5, 2013 Vicki Ohlerking

The Privilege of Ministry

November 5 2013

Amy Bezet | Lead Pastor | Bayside Community Church | Bradenton, FL

I have never been someone who enjoyed standing on a stage with all eyes on me.  To be honest, I am a server and would really prefer to be behind the scenes.  I’ll never forget when I was standing behind stage one morning as I was about to go out on stage to speak to our congregation.  I remember I had a sense of dread and almost frustration.  I was frustrated because I felt, “How could I be called to be the Lead Pastor’s wife, when I didn’t feel as if I belonged in this position?”

But then I saw it!  There is a sign behind our stage that says, “It is a privilege to be on this platform.  Thank you God for choosing me.”  I can sincerely say, at that moment, my entire perspective changed.  I was overcome with the realization that, “It’s not a have to… it’s that I get to!” 1 Thess. 5:18 says, “Give thanks in all circumstances.”

You know in life and in ministry I have learned that it’s all a matter of perspective.  It is a privilege to be in the position that God has placed us so that we can be equipped and used by Him to impact those around us.  I want to encourage you to keep the eternal perspective because that, above all else, will bring internal contentment .

Amy Bezet and her husband, Randy, serve as Lead Pastors at Bayside Community Church in Bradenton, Florida