Understanding Our Faith
October 22, 2012 Vicki Ohlerking

Understanding Our Faith

October 22 2012

Faith: why is this word so hard to understand?

I actually think it’s a lot simpler than what we have made it out to be.  I believe the struggle with this word comes with the idea that we (as humans) have to somehow conger up a certain amount of ‘faith’ to be able to see results or that we have to build or construct ‘faith’ from nothing, through our ability to concentrate or visualize what we are believing for.

When I was battling cancer, there were well-intended people who, without meaning to, made me feel like I must not have had enough faith since I wasn’t healed instantly.  This provoked in me a need to investigate more about this word ‘faith’. On my journey to find how faith works, I found one comforting thought- that it’s not about if I have enough faith or even if I have the right kind of faith. It doesn’t even matter if I’m lacking in faith. In fact, it’s not about MY faith at all- that would be putting faith in my own faith and I will always come up short.  Faith is not trying to make something that is not already there happen.  Faith is bringing out from the spirit realm what is already there, what is already mine, what I already am. We can only pull out from the spirit realm something that is already there.  We don’t confess that we are the righteousness of God to become righteous, we confess that we are the righteousness of God because we are already righteous!

Everything we receive from God is by ‘faith’- not faith in our own faith but faith in what already exists: the great love God has for us.  It’s all about HIS great love towards us.  We put our focus and our trust in the grace and love of God that is already there, waiting for us to just pull it out of the spirit-realm.  The Bible says that faith works by love (Gal 5:6). Again, this is not about our own love, but about HIS love for us.  The more we see and understand HIS love for us, the love we are pulling out of the spirit-realm, faith will rise up without us even trying to produce it.  When we see His grace and great love, He sees our faith.  May we see Him high and lifted up, perfect in His love towards us.

Love always….

Karyn Barriger
Camino de Vida | Lima, Peru