What’s in Your Toolbox?
April 24, 2014 Vicki Ohlerking

What’s in Your Toolbox?

April 24 2014

“How do you get things done?”

by Pastor Greg Surratt

That’s a question I hear all the time. As a pastor, movement leader, speaker, mentor, husband, parent, grandfather (did I mention grandfather?) and amateur photographer wanna-be, things can get hectic at times.

The truth is, we are all busy. We all have limited time to accomplish the stuff we are responsible for and a few other things that we enjoy doing. How do you get things done?

For me, the key is having the right priorities, the right schedule, and the right tools.

In this post, I’ll tackle how having the right tools makes my life easier.

Recently Debbie asked me to trim the dead palm fronds off of the palm trees in our yard. The winter was unusually cold in Charleston and a late frost had damaged most of the trees in the area. With the right tool – a pole saw – this is not a particularly taxing job. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the right tool. Instead, I improvised with tall ladders and handheld saws. A job that should have taken an hour consumed an entire day. Fortunately, lost time and a few sore muscles were all that resulted from that adventure. It could have been worse.

Had I had the right tools, that day would have been so much easier.


A quick word about the “why’s” that determine the “what” in my toolbox. The words simpleaccessible and portable drive much of what I do in life. My sermons are simple (not to be confused with easy), accessible (not a lot of insider jargon) and portable (there has to be a practical take away). My processes have to be simpleaccessible and portable. The tools that I use have to be simpleaccessible and portable.

The implications of simpleaccessible and portable for me:

  • No paper. Period. Too much clutter.
  • No laptop. Extra weight to carry. (I do have a desktop at home and at the office that I use occasionally.)
  • A reliance on “cloud” technology. I want everything I know or have created accessible anytime, anywhere – on my smallest portable device.

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