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In at least one way, we’re not that different: Every person on the planet longs to be fully known and deeply loved—both, not one or the other. To be known but not loved makes us feel terribly exposed; to be loved but not known is superficial and unfulfilling.

In this book, Jonathan Wiggins explains the heart of God for rich, strong, healing relationships. He teaches from a compelling biblical perspective, and each chapter is full of illustrative stories and practical suggestions. And Jonathan writes from experience. He has developed this kind of relationship on his staff team. They call themselves “lions” because they’ve found the courage to be honest and supportive as they work together to do great things for God’s kingdom.

The concepts in this book apply to staff teams, small groups, families, and friends. If you believe life change happens in relationships, this book is for you.

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Few things in life can have the kind of impact that friendships do. In his book, Walking with Lions, my friend Jonathan provides a proven strategy to build a team that you’ll not only want around you, but will stick around you.

JOHN BEVERECo-founder of Messenger International and Best-Selling Author and Minister (Colorado Springs, CO)

I have had the immense honor of partnering with Jonathan Wiggins in various capacities over the last ten years. He and his wife Amy are incredible people who lead with humility and an eagerness to grow. In his book, Walking with Lions, Jonathan gives us tools and a roadmap to walk in greater connection with God and each other. His concepts aren’t just theory—he has walked this out with those he leads. I highly recommend this book!

KIM WALKER-SMITHSinger, Songwriter for the label, Jesus Culture (Sacramento, California)

As the years go by, each of us realizes how rare and valuable true friendships are, especially true friendships that span the distance of say, 6,838 miles, roughly the distance between Loveland, Colorado and Jerusalem, Israel. Regardless of the physical distance between the worlds of Jonathan Wiggins and myself, I am honored to call him a true friend. The only way this could be possible is by Jonathan “practicing what he preaches” by implementing the principles in this book, among others: transparency, honesty and connectivity. Thank you, Jonathan for continually proving to me, and to many others, that leadership doesn’t have to be lonely.

CALEV MYERSFounder and Chairman of ARISE (Jerusalem)


Jonathan Wiggins is the lead pastor of Rez.Church in Loveland, Colorado, whose mission is to reach unchurched people in the Northern Colorado area. In partnership with ARC, he led the century-old church to become a thriving multi-site model. In 2019, Jonathan launched a statewide initiative called Nothing Without God, which partners with and financially supports new church plants throughout Colorado. Through his website, he regularly contributes digital resources for leaders who are seeking to develop and deepen relationships in their families, friendships, and organizations. Jonathan is married to his high school sweetheart, Amy. They have four children, a daughter-in-law, and a grandson named Johnny.