Mental Health and the Church Blog Post

We’re amid a mental health crisis. Hurting people would like to be able to run to the Church and know they will be understood and welcomed. My vision is that the Church will not only welcome and understand them, but also be equipped to help them.

Creating a Healthy Culture Blog Post

Dee Ann Turner brings her decades of experience as Chick-Fil-A’s Vice President of Talent to this conversation on how pastors and churches can have a world class culture that accelerates their mission.

Healthy Marriages Blog Post

Do you want the perfect marriage? Of course you do! There’s nothing better than two people working together in harmony, accomplishing life goals, growing in ministry, and achieving the elusive, happy married life.

Misconceptions About Mental Illness Blog Post

"You have bipolar disorder.” Those are the words I heard as time stood still. I didn’t know much about mental illness, and I surely never...

Psychological Health and Christian Leadership Blog Post

Leadership is a privilege. Those of us who have been in positions of leadership within the church know the joys of seeing people learn to follow Christ in ways that advance God’s kingdom.