Health Plan

We are pleased to announce that Phase 1 of the ARC Health Plan is now available for enrollment. This comprehensive Apex Advantage Plan is a part of the largest health network in the U.S. Enroll in the ARC Health Plan at any time throughout the year. No limited enrollment periods and no qualifying events required.

We understand the rising costs of health insurance premiums can be tremendous. The ARC Health Plan aims to provide a very affordable health insurance option for all of our ARC Family. Below is an overview of some the benefits of the ARC Health Plan:

• The ARC Health Plan could be up to 50% less than the average cost of other traditional health plans in the open market
• Unlimited telemedicine at no cost
• No cost annual wellness visits
• Low copays and monthly premiums
• Covers major things like hospitalization, surgery, cancer, and outpatient procedures
• Optional maternity, dental, vision, and hearing coverages available
• Direct access to excellent personal service from ARC health plan insurance representatives

To get more detailed information about the ARC Health Plan premiums and coverages, click the links below!

This is the first time ARC has offered a health insurance plan to ARC churches. As more churches enroll and this program moves into phase two, our goal is to negotiate lower premiums and offer even richer benefits. We will communicate with you as phase two becomes available. If you have given to ARC in the past or begin giving today, YOU QUALIFY for the ARC Health Plan! Click the link below to get started or learn more!

The ARC Health Plan is managed by the team at IFS Insurance. We are proud to have IFS Insurance as an ARC Resource Partner. You may receive ARC Health Plan communications from Bridgette Gilbert or Derek Babcock.