Join the ARC Family

ARC is made up of pastors, churches, and leaders with a vision to see healthy and thriving churches in every community, reaching people with the message of Jesus. We do this through building strong relationships, sharing valuable resources, and planting and multiplying life-giving churches around the globe.


True relationship is the strength of the Church and any ministry. By intentionally being engaged in events, gatherings and connection points that ARC creates, you will draw strength from others, and provide it as well. This is the joy of not doing ministry alone. There are ARC events and Meetups going on year-round, across the country.


We want to see pastors grow healthier as leaders because we know that is what makes churches thrive. There are tremendous resources to draw from throughout our ARC Family. We curate a wealth of teaching on various subjects relating to ministry and life using digital, print and external partnerships. We aim to cater these resources to the context and the needs of your local church.


Together, we have been able to plant over 900 churches since ARC began. Each new church planted through ARC is an extension of your church. We are grateful to each member of the ARC Family for your generosity and investment towards planting and multiplying the local church. 100% of the giving to ARC goes towards planting life-giving churches.

Whether you are an existing church or planting a church, ARC is for you. Select an option below to get started.


Yes! Existing churches can join the ARC Family as a partner with ARC. We would not be able to fulfill our mission if it weren’t for the members of the ARC Family. We want to help new and existing churches thrive by providing leaders with relationships, resources, and opportunity. Because of the partnership of churches like you, we have been able to help plant over 900 churches since ARC began and impact hundreds of communities with the message of Jesus.

We ask members of the ARC Family to partner with us relationally and financially. Relationships are at the core of who ARC is. We always say, “Don’t do ministry alone.” We all need relationships to thrive, and you can find that through ARC.

We also ask that you invest in church planting. We exist to see a thriving church in every community, reaching people with the message of Jesus. We do this by helping plant life-giving churches around the world. We ask you to make ARC a part of your regular missions giving. While there is no minimum amount to become a part of the ARC Family, there are partnership requirements to participate in some of ARC’s benefits.

We are fortunate to have all of our overhead and administrative expenses covered by the generosity of the ARC Lead Team. This allows 100% of your giving to fund new church plants through ARC. As a church planter prepares to launch through ARC, we match dollar-for-dollar the first $50,000 they raise. Once their church is up and running, they reinvest those dollars back into ARC and the next church planter. This money has been invested and reinvested over and over again by those who are committed to seeing the local Church thrive.

You can make a one-time gift or set up recurring giving on our website. Or you can send your check, payable to ARC, to:

Association of Related Churches
1201 Lee Branch Lane
Birmingham, AL 35242
*Please include “ARC Family Giving” in the memo line

Yes! ARC is not a denomination, but a relational network. We believe one of the unique things about ARC is the diversity of the ARC Family. The ARC Family is made up of churches from different denominations, backgrounds, styles, regions, and size. You can be a part of other networks and still be a part of ARC. We want you to bring your unique giftings to this family.

The ARC Find a Church Map is a great tool to help people find an ARC church in their area. The map includes churches planted through ARC, upcoming church plants, and ARC Family churches.

To be placed on the Find a Church Map, churches must meet ARC partnership requirements with a minimum investment of $200 per month (or $2,400 annually) into church planting. Churches must also align with the ARC Values and Statement of Faith. Once you become a member of the ARC Family, we will give you more information on how to apply to be placed on the Find a Church Map.

We understand the rising costs of health insurance premiums can be tremendous. The ARC Health Plan aims to provide affordable health insurance for ARC Family lead or senior pastors and staff. To enroll in the ARC Health Plan, you must participate in the ARC Family financial partnership. Learn more here.