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Event Production

5 Words Media

5 Words Media is more than an audio, video and lighting integration company, we are people committed to seeing your ARC church accomplish more and go further than you can imagine. 5 Words Media has designed 3 packaged audio, video and lighting systems as an exclusive deal to all ARC churches. These state-of-the-art systems are ideal for gatherings up to 500 people. The small system for 0-200 people is $19,999.99. The medium package suitable for 100-300 is $29,999.99. The large system, a perfect performer for up to 500 people, is $39,999.99. Of course, you can customize these systems to meet your specific needs. All systems are packaged, tested and ready for portable or permanent install. Let your 5 Words representative guide you to the perfect solution today.

Let's Get in Touch

David Cherry

Sales Engineer

After graduating from Bible college, David joined the staff of an international leadership ministry and soon found himself responsible for all things AV. He pursued expertise in the field and studied at the Audio Engineering Institute. David served as Pastor of Technical Ministries in the mega church environment for over 25 years and currently serves as a bi-vocational pastor in a small local church. David began working with an AVL integrator in 2012 and has visited with hundreds of church leaders giving him a broad knowledge of the direction of church in America. He is passionate about helping churches leverage technology to create engaging worship experiences that lead to transformation.