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Aspire Leadership LLC

The Aspire Leadership Program helps organizations and churches build stronger Christ-like servant leaders that can withstand the obstacles and unique challenges that come with being a leader in today’s world.

Our program is designed to help your leaders learn how to manage conflict, build trust, and delegate effectively, all while creating a positive and lasting culture. We do this by developing your leader in three behaviors that we discovered are the key to unlocking influential leadership: Curiosity, Empathy, and Humility.

Our proven three-track framework equips your leaders with the tools, resources, and immersive learning environment for continuous growth, while the weekly facilitated mastermind sessions and habit tracking periods keep your leaders accountable to ensure their success in the program.

If you’re looking to create a leadership team that is more productive, has less turnover, and builds a lasting culture, the Aspire Leadership Program is for you. Visit our website at to learn more about how we can help your church/organization build stronger servant leaders.

Special Resources for the ARC Family

Leadership Identity Quiz

Aspire’s Leadership Identity quiz helps leaders identify:

1.) Where they excel

Discover how your leadership identity drives the results you create in leading yourself, your team, and your organization to achieve your vision.

2.) What gets in their way

Examine critical gaps that may be preventing you from achieving your full leadership potential and how you can navigate them to increase your influence and impact.

Learn More

The Secret to High Performing Teams

Have you ever wondered why some teams excel while others don’t? In this free resource you will come to understand the game changers that will revolutionize the way you lead.

Learn More

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Jonathan Lewis

Director of Development

Jon prides himself on being a loving husband and father of 2 children. He received his master’s degree in biblical studies from Asbury Theological Seminary in 2020. He has been in professional leadership for over a decade as a regional youth program director, administrator, pastor, and prison chaplain. Jon is passionate about giving leaders the tools they need to fully develop themselves to match their God-given potential.