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Church Fabric Solutions

Church Fabric Solutions better known as ChurchFab is committed to serving churches by providing Seat Covers, Scuba Walls, Pipe and Drape Kits and Custom Fabric Printing.

We work hard to create products that make it easy for your team of set-up heroes to set up in minutes.

We can help you transform your space into a warm, church environment through our fabric solutions. Whether it’s transforming a classroom into a children’s ministry or turning a large auditorium into an intimate sanctuary space for service.

Our team can help assist you in how to best transform your venue in a way that best suits your vision and budget. Our team of experts and seamstresses work hard to bring you quality products as fast possible.

Our mission is to help portable churches transform venues using fabric solutions.

Special Resources for the ARC Family

The Hosting Seating Playbook : 6 Ways to efficiently direct guests to their seats

Get our step-by-step guide and learn how to direct the flow of guests to their seats efficiently without interruption. When there isn’t a system in place to manage the flow of guests it can lead to many problems such as inefficient seating of the sanctuary limiting the amount of people that can be sat, distractions to pastors and guests and overall decline in guest experience.

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ARC Friends & Family Discount Coupon Code

Create a seamless experience wherever your church goes! We offer fabric solutions that will transform your portable church and streamline set up for your volunteers. Enjoy our lifetime ARC Friends & Family Discount Coupon Code. Our products include seat covers, scuba walls, stretch walls, pipe and drape and digital printing.
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5 Ways to transform any church venue using fabric solutions

We created the term fabric solutions and we best describe it as a series of unique fabric products enhancing an environment using seat cover sections, pipe and drape kits, scuba walls, quick walls, and tension fabric displays.We are the experts when it comes to fabric solutions! Here is your guide To Fabric Solutions that will transform your Portable Church Venue!

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Let's Get in Touch

Shawn Soares

Founder/ Launch Specialist

[email protected]
(954) 933 – 8546

Shawn is the Founder of Church Fabric Solutions. He started ChurchFab after helping solve a need at his local church during the church planting days. By creating the seat cover for his church, Vous Church, he created a solution to a need that many churches had and soon started working with pastors around the country helping them transform their venues into inviting church spaces through seat covers, scuba walls, pipe and drape and custom fabric printing.

Shawn founded his first business 12 years ago, a pipe and drape business called Drapeworks, which focuses on draping for the special event industry. His commitment to his craft soon lead him to work with large clients such as the ( Miami Dolphins, Nike, Univision, Viacom ) among many other Fortune 500 companies. He brings his tremendous amount of experience transforming venues for events into ChurchFab, as he has a unique ability, talent and insight on how best to safely and efficiently transform spaces with fabric solutions.