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Courage To Lead

At Courage to Lead, we empower leaders and organizations to fulfill their missions with confidence and clarity as a team. Specializing in coaching, we provide strategic guidance and personalized support to help pastors and ministry leaders overcome challenges, grow their churches, and achieve sustainable success. Our experienced Coaches are dedicated to fostering leadership growth and organizational health, ensuring that those we serve can lead with courage and effectiveness. Learn more at

Special Resources for the ARC Family

Free Book = Building a Killer Team Without Killing Yourself or Your Team

Everything rises and falls on the team. In fact, the team will help you move further, faster– and accomplish more. Or, it will hinder you.

In this book, Shawn Lovejoy outlines the 5 Pillars of a Killer Team, then provides you with practical steps to building the team you need to move your church or ministry from where you are to where God has called you to be.

Bonus downloads and videos included.

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Free “Killer Team Crash Course” (4-part video training)

Learn how to have meetings that actually matter– and get things done– as well as how to recruit (and keep) the best talent, how to structure in such a way that everyone has more margin while you achieve even more (and burnout less).

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Free Strategy Session

Helping Pastors Escape Drama, Micromanagement, and Burnout by Building a Killer Team!

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Shawn Lovejoy

Founder + CEO, & Courageous Pastors

Shawn Lovejoy is Founder & CEO of Courage To Lead, where he and his team of Coaches help Kingdom Leaders build Killer Teams through 1:1 Legacy Coaching and their Killer Team Operating System. Shawn is successful real estate developer, former church planter and megachurch pastor, and now leader of this fast growing coaching and consulting organization. Shawn speaks all over the country on leadership growth and organizational health. He has authored and released several books including “Measuring Success,” “Be Mean About The Vision,” and “Building A Killer Team (Without Killing Yourself or Your Team ).”