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We strive to understand every non-profit and equip them with the processing tools to simplify their giving and/or payment process. For non-profits we have developed a simple yet robust giving solution. Alongside the solution, we offer our Deka Difference program to help church’s grow their income and businesses make a difference with their processing.

Special Resources for the ARC Family

Coaching Call

We are offering you the opportunity to hop on a call with our digital experts where you will learn the best ways to grow your digital presence so that you can make an even bigger difference. With our giving, social media marketing, email management, and payment processing solutions we are here to help you stay ahead of the change.

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Click on the link to check out our free resources that are designed to help your organization grow in all things digital!

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Josh Bledsoe

Solutions Pro

My name is Josh Bledsoe. I live in Birmingham, AL with my wife and 3 year old son Hawk!