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Divine Persuasion Studio

Divine Persuasion Studio is a creative agency dedicated to telling the most beautiful story ever told. Through world-class artists and seamless project management software, we equip the local church with an ever-unfolding mosaic of stunning art delivered on time while aligning with the vision that makes each community of faith unique.

-Comprehensive Visual Design
-Motion Design & Video
-Project Management Software
-Creative Direction & Collaboration
-Personalized Onboarding Experience
-Dedicated Client Care & Support

Let’s change the world together.

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DPS x ARC Churches [a collaboration]

Check out what we offer and the promotions we have for ARC Churches. We already love working with you!

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Wendell McKinney


Wendell McKinney is the CEO and Founder of Divine Persuasion Studio, a creative agency on mission to tell the most beautiful story in the world – the Gospel.

His perspective working as a pastor, building nonprofits, and at a tech company selling to churches led him to start Divine Persuasion. With mentorship from the founders of Pushpay and deep roots in the faith community, DPS is solving design and art problems for churches and nonprofits once and for all. Wendell grew up in a pastor’s home in San Diego and now lives in the Phoenix area with his wife and three children, who are on a quest to find the world’s best gluten-free donut.