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Coaching Network

Liberty Network

The Liberty Network equips pastors to thrive in ministry and life, from launch to longevity.

For new church planters, we offer “First Year” – a 12-month cohort designed to provide support for the ‘didn’t see it coming’ challenges of year one as well as goal-oriented training to maximize sustainable growth for the years ahead.

For pastors of existing churches, Liberty’s global network empowers leaders and their families to fulfill their unique calling in health, strength, and joy by providing ongoing spiritual care, peer-to-peer support support, ministry training cohorts, one-on-one coaching, and a tool-kit of system-building resources.

Let's Get in Touch

David Mazzella

Lead Pastor

With over 25 years of pastoral experience, David and Carrie are devoted to empowering pastors and their families to lead with vitality and purpose. Serving as Lead Pastors of Liberty Church and Executive Directors of the Liberty Network, they are deeply committed to seeing the local church flourish in every corner of the globe, supported by pastors who lead from a place of wholeness and authenticity.

Having navigated seasons of feeling stuck, burned out, and isolated in their own journey, David and Carrie understand the challenges that pastors face firsthand. Through the support of friends, mentors, and coaching, they discovered resolve, healing, and a renewed vision. Now, they are passionate about helping fellow pastors fulfill their unique visions within their individual contexts in health, strength, and joy.

With a focus on longevity in ministry and cultivating healthy marriages and families, David and Carrie believe that thriving pastors are the cornerstone of thriving local churches worldwide.