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Nothing is Wasted Ministries

We provide Content, Community, and Coaching to help people navigate their trauma, tragedies and major life transitions and find purpose in their pain. In short we help people partner with God to take back their stories. The main way that we partner with the local church is through the implementation of our 12-Week experience called Pain to Purpose that helps empower churches with lay-led care ministry tools and curriculum. Through a freedom class environment and/or small groups the Pain to Purpose Course helps people process and heal through the painful emotions that accompany their circumstances and choices, establish healthy rhythms that will contribute to their ongoing healing and wholeness, and emerge with a renewed sense of purpose and mission.

Special Resources for the ARC Family

Pain to Purpose Sermon Series Package

A sermon series designed to help people take back their story after trauma, tragedy or major life transition. Series assets include:

-6 Sermon Outlines/Manuscripts
-Series Bumper/Promo Video
-5 min countdown
-Series Graphics and Templates
-Social Media Posts
-Social Media Swipe Copy

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Let's Get in Touch

Davey Blackburn

Founder and President

Davey and his wife, Amanda, moved to Indianapolis in 2012 to plant Resonate Church. They had a dream to start a church that would cause the city to come alive in the power of Jesus. On November 10th, 2015 Davey came home from the gym to find his wife murdered in a home invasion. She was pregnant with their second child. Weston was in his crib, unharmed. Since that day countless people have come to know Christ through Amanda’s story. 2 years later Davey remarried and God’s redemption story began to unfold. Davey and his new wife, Kristi, have dedicated the rest of their lives to helping people through their valleys and teaching them that when following Jesus, Nothing is Wasted. They live in Indianapolis, IN with their three kids, Natalia, Weston, and Cohen. They founded Nothing is Wasted Ministries in order to help people partner with God to take back their story.