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At Novity, our biggest fear is life-change happening and the church not knowing about it. We exist to help churches maximize their interactions with visitors. Whether that looks like replacing paper connection cards and QR codes with our Reach product line or creating a custom web application to suit your needs, we are all about CONNECTING! Churches that use our products have increased their interactions anywhere from 30-50X!

Special Resources for the ARC Family

ARC Churches Get 10% OFF Reach Products

If your church is part of the ARC, we want to extend a 10% discount on all of our Reach Products! These can be used to replace paper connection cards and QR codes to increase interactions by 30X+!

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Chase Maasdorp


Chase currently lives in South Florida where he is married to Sarah Maasdorp! He graduated from Auburn University in 2022 with a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering and also played on the Men’s Basketball Team from 2018-2022. Originally from Bradenton, Florida, Chase loves to fish and spend time with family but finds his true passion in the local church. Chase is heavily involved with Bayside Community Church’s young adults ministry and plans to continue serving at higher capacities at his local church.