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Global Missions & Outreach


We are a global community of Child Champions serving children in poverty so they can discover hope and reach their God-given potential. As a global community of Child Champions, we advocate for children in hard places and provide holistic care so they have hope and thrive.

Special Resources for the ARC Family

Missions Pastor Podcast – Powered by OneChild

A podcast for Missions Pastors by Missions Pastors. In every episode, we highlight churches, pastors, and ministries who are working to bring Hope to hard places. The Missions Pastor Podcast delivers a wealth of knowledge and practical tools to help inform and empower your church’s global outreach team.

Hosted by OneChild’s resident podcaster, David Jesse.

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Intercultural Leadership for Generational Impact – Masterclass

During this nine-session intercultural leadership course, you will learn about the traits that make a leader successful when engaging with leaders from other countries for a shared vision. Discussions with our global partners break down the elements of successful intercultural development in order to bring about good, have a positive impact, and make the world a better place for kids living in poverty.

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Church Partnership with OneChild

Imagine your congregation fully engaged in the global mission work of your church while growing in generosity, interconnectedness, faith and a missional mindset. These are tangible outcomes for a church partnering with OneChild to reach and serve at-risk children in poverty.

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Let's Get in Touch

James Grout

National Engagement Lead

James Grout has over 25 years of full time church ministry experience as a youth pastor, teaching pastor and denominational leader. His heart for the next generation comes from God’s clear calling to teach the Bible to teenagers (which he received while he was still a teenager himself). His empathy for children and adolescents keeps his heart freshly “broken” for young people around the world.

If your church is ready to explore a global partnership with a direct and measurable impact on children and families living in hard places, please reach out to James. He and the OneChild team will help you find a perfect location and partner church where you can begin investing as a congregation in holistic development for those living in extreme poverty.