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You know being on Page 1 of a Google Search is incredibly important. But as a church, getting there can be frustrating and take months, or years to accomplish. Even worse, the Google Ad Grant will not place you on page 1 any longer. That’s why you need to call the team at Rocket Media. They will have you on page 1, today, for the thousands of searches that happen each month in your city. Trusted by some of the largest, fastest growing, and newest churches, Rocket Media is an agency that specializes in Google Ads, YouTube Ads, Grand Opening/New Location/Event Marketing and so much more. In fact, Rocket Media has helped invite over 10Million people to the local church with just Google Search Ads alone. Don’t miss the people in your city who are searching for a church just like you… and join other ARC Churches that trust Rocket Media by scheduling a free consultation right now.

Special Resources for the ARC Family

ARC Planter? Free AirPods and Google Ads Now and Pay Later.

When you sign up for Google Search Ads with us, you will receive free AirPods (now), your Google Ads will launch 30 days before launch Sunday, and you won’t be charged until after you launch! Already started? You can have the AirPods too! Schedule a free consultation now.

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The Google Ad Grant is Dead

It turns out that it was too good to be true… the Ad Grant does not keep your church on page 1 or drive the local search traffic you need to your website. Schedule a free consultation with us today, and we can move you off the grant and have your church on page 1 tonight.

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Grand Opening + Multisite + New Location Marketing

Starting your church? Launching a new location? We specialize in working with planters and multi-site churches to help them launch large. We start with your desired launch attendance number, and create a plan and launch marketing products from there. Schedule a free consultation now to find out more.

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Jon-Michael Sherman


Jon-Michael is a marketing expert who has helped some of the newest, largest, and fastest growing churches reach more first-time guests. His passion is to help church planters launch strong and continue to reach their city every week. His marketing companies have worked with some of the most successful medical, retail, home furniture, non-profit, media and tech companies in the country. Jon-Michael is a husband to Becky, a father of 3, a gifted speaker, an avid golfer, and loves spending time with his family at the happiest place on earth.