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StoreHouse is an all-in-one church management platform to help you build relationships and streamline giving so you can spend more time focusing on what’s important – impacting your community.

StoreHouse key features include:

  • Free data transfer from your old system
  • Integrated accounting, time clock & payroll
  • Social media analytics & metrics
  • Pastoral care/coaching & 1 on 1 private video chat
  • People management & fast Family check-in
  • Mobile app & admin functions
  • Email, Text & Push Automation
  • Small groups manager & volunteer scheduling
  • Easy support for multiple campuses
  • Giving
  • Free training for onboarding

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Accounting & Payroll

Automation and processes that “just make sense” will raise your quality of life!

StoreHouse Payroll features include:

• Integrated accounting, time clock & payroll
• Touch free time clock
• Automated reminders
• Location based
• Intelligent accounting
• Cloud based payroll
• Mobile app & admin functions
• Direct deposit
• Local, state, & federal payroll tax filings & disbursements
• Autopilot salary payroll
• No-frills, honest and transparent pricing

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Fully Integrated Giving

• Manage donors & transactions
• Gain insights on giving trends
• $0 /mo
• No Setup Fees
• Priced to disrupt

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Let's Get in Touch

Eric Leija


As the founder and chief executive officer at StoreHouse, Eric Leija is the driving force behind the company. His passion for helping pastors and churches succeed, time spent in the mission field, and almost a decade of software development experience has inspired Eric to make a lasting impact by creating a technology-driven church management platform, StoreHouse. Eric has a lovely wife of 11 years, and 4 beautiful children.