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Subsplash is the industry leader in Fintech and mobile SaaS for church engagement software with an award-winning platform used by thousands of leading churches and ministries around the world. The team at Subsplash is passionate about helping content-centric organizations engage their audiences through centralized, easy-to-manage systems.

Special Resources for the ARC Family

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Church Plant Media Kit

Maximize your impact with high-quality, customizable church invites, social media images, welcome signs, and more. Download the kit for free today, or share it with a friend in ministry.

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Hybrid Church Service Playbook

Grow your impact and connect with your community—online and in person—by adopting a hybrid ministry model. Download our free ebook for practical strategies to optimize your in-person and online church services!

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Jon Crabtree

Ministry Consultant

As an expert in church engagement, Jon has equipped hundreds of churches and ministries with technology that helps further the gospel during his 7 years at Subsplash.