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Third Lens Ministries

Third Lens helps churches and ministries with the construction and design process.

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The Ultimate Guide to Launching a New Building Project

Before you launch a capital campaign or start construction on a new project, we suggest reviewing these 10 critical steps.

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Brian O'Neil


Brian O’Neil has an extensive background in program management, finance, real estate development, business development, and construction. He serves as President of Third Lens, a non-profit corporation that provides program management services to humanitarian projects. Early in his career, Brian spent nearly 10 years in the banking industry before transitioning into non-profit and program management work. His diverse background had helped grow Third Lens’ international presence in 20 countries.

Brian is a member of C12 and has spoken at several national conferences on program management, affordable housing, and non-profit leadership. Mr. O’Neil graduated from Auburn University with a degree in International Business with a specialization in Finance. He and his family live in Auburn, AL where they attend Church of the Highlands.