Regal is the theatre church expert, providing full-service consultation for churches looking to create dynamic worship experiences in familiar, culturally relevant venues. Regal Entertainment Group’s movie theatres are recognizable, easy to find, and are natural gathering spots in the communities where they are located. More than that, there is ample parking, spacious lobbies, plenty of bathrooms, and a perfect view of the big screen. Best of all, your volunteers won’t have to set up our chairs. We believe your church has a great story to tell and that there is no better place to do that than in a venue built to tell stories.

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Barry Brown

Director, Faith Based Initiatives

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Barry Brown is the Director of Faith Based Initiatives at Regal Entertainment Group. Barry has been working with Regal for over 10 years. In 2006, he established a team of theatre church consultants who assist and advise church pastors and leaders with planting and growing their ministries in movie theaters nationwide. Barry, along with his team, has worked with over 1,000 churches through planting, relocating and multi-siting in their local cinemas. In addition, Barry has had an intricate role in developing faith-based concerts on the big screen including Third Day, Hillsong United and MercyMe, as well as creating educational webinars for church leaders including marketing for churches, and multi-site, launch, and engagement strategies.