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Co-Lead Pastor, Kalos Church

Bellevue, Washington

Describe yourself in three words.

Inspired, Brave, Committed


What advice would you go back and give yourself 15 years ago, and why?

I would tell myself that being a leader with my husband is a powerful gift; that hiding in the shadow of someone else isn’t God’s desire but running after the unique dreams in my heart is paramount to serving Jesus wholeheartedly and serving together. I would tell myself that two are better than one and to hold on tight because a husband wife team co-pastoring a local church is a force to be reckoned with!


What makes you so interesting and unique?

On the first day I was born, I was left on the doorstep of a missionary woman in India. Somehow, I was in the arms of a Christian in a Hindu nation within hours of birth. At age 3, I was adopted by God fearing, charismatic Mennonites from Kansas who raised me to love Jesus and love meat and potatoes! Both my grandparents were raised Amish and left the Amish church to follow the ways of Jesus. My Grandpa was a Mennonite preacher, baptized in the Holy Spirit and preached about the gifts of the spirit his whole life. I tell people, I might be brown on the outside, but I’m all Kansas on the inside!

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