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Lead Pastor, Celebration Church

Jacksonville, FL

Describe yourself in three words.


What does success look like to you?

Success isn’t measured by how much we gain or acquire. It’s measured by our obedience to what God desires.

What superhero do you relate to the most, and why?

Batman! He obtains no real superpowers, but when he puts his suit on, he is practically invincible (like me on Sundays)!

How would you describe a testimony of God’s faithfulness in your life?

I can vividly remember being in the lobby of a hotel in Chicago, watching hotel guests go in and out. The hotel was kind enough to position a “door opener” at the entrance; this employee held the door for guests entering and exiting. If someone needed luggage removed from or placed in a vehicle, he was there to assist. If someone needed a taxi, or if traffic got a little too hectic around the entry of the hotel, he assisted. Interestingly enough, despite his helping guests, very few people stopped to thank the door opener for the services he provided, and even fewer offered him gratuities.

Observing this scene made me wonder: How many people opened significant doors in my life whom I have yet to thank or bless? So often we tend to think that our abilities got us in the door when, in all honesty, it was the favor of God shown to us through the person or people holding the door open. I am grateful to God for my ARC family opening the door for me and so many other leaders around the world so we can deliver the vision God placed in our hearts! We truly are better because our incredible ARC family dared to keep the door open for us.

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