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“How can we help you?”

When Max and Juliet Lyons heard this question repeated from ARC, they were skeptical. Having a dream to bring heaven to earth in the Chicago area, they admittedly lacked the concrete steps and relationships to get there.

ARC provided incredible training and relationships we could count on – we wouldn’t be where we are today without ARC,” Max shares. 

It sounds countercultural to have an organization that exists to help others, but that’s ARC’s entire purpose. To come alongside those who have God-given dreams to bring the message of Jesus into their cities. 

Juliet puts into words how many planters feel along the journey of launching a church. “When you have a dream, you realize how inadequate you are and how many things you don’t know, but ARC helped us know that we didn’t have to do it alone.” 

From London to Chicago, check out Elan Church’s journey of launching, and know you don’t have to do ministry alone!

“ARC wanted us to be successful because they want church planters to thrive.”

Max Lyons | Chicago, IL

Since 2000, ARC has helped to plant more than 1,000 worldwide. If you have a dream in your heart to start a life-giving church and reach your city with the message of Jesus, ARC is here to come alongside you in the journey. Attending ARC Launch, a church planter training event, is the first step in planting a church with ARC. You will hear from ARC pastors, coaches, and staff as they share the nuts and bolts of church planting.

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