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Growleader Podcast: Training and Supporting Church Planters with Dino Rizzo

2 min read By June 10, 2024No Comments

The GrowLeader podcast brings you thought-provoking inspiration along with practical insights and tips that will help you grow as the leader you are called to be.

In this episode, Pastor Dino Rizzo joins the GrowLeader podcast. He discusses the importance of planting churches and how ARC is supporting leaders to do just that by providing a framework to learn from, funding to launch with, and a family to join! Dino emphasizes the importance of training and supporting church planters, as well as the funding model used by ARC. He also highlights the need for churches in cities that currently have a low number of churches while explaining the importance of collaboration, relationships, and community in the church planting process.

This episode is a great reminder of the amazing things God is doing through the local Church and the importance of doing ministry together!

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