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“What would it look like if Jesus walked through New Jersey? I think he would go to the single mothers. I think he would go to the community with special needs…the elderly…the undocumented…to the people groups often overlooked.”

When David and Faith Cho set out to plant Mosaic Church in Northern New Jersey, they knew their calling was to plant a church to help people discover their worth in Christ and make discipleship accessible. Their passion is to breathe life into the spaces that feel dead.
“We want to go against the grain of tradition, which is really thick in this area. We push for authenticity and accessibility.”
David and Faith quickly discovered that none of their degrees or experience mattered when planting a church in early February 2022. How reaching nonbelievers is all about earning trust and leading with authenticity, not your social media clout.
Gathering nonbelievers and building a multi-ethnic church felt like an improbable dream, but God placed it in their hearts, and they believed He would do it. Several months later, they have truly gathered the nations. Many of Mosaic’s congregation members do not speak English as a first language, and the church is full of accents, various cultures, and different socioeconomic backgrounds.
Check out the video to hear more about their honest and raw journey of church planting, the challenges of being Asian American pastors, and how they learned more trust and dependence on God.

Since 2000, ARC has helped to plant more than 1,000 worldwide. If you have a dream in your heart to start a life-giving church and reach your city with the message of Jesus, ARC is here to come alongside you in the journey. Attending ARC Launch, a church planter training event, is the first step in planting a church with ARC. You will hear from ARC pastors, coaches, and staff as they share the nuts and bolts of church planting.

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